Monday, October 14, 2013

30 Day Drawing Challenge!

I am undertaking an awesome 30 Day Drawing Challenge and I enlisted my 11 year old brother and 13 year old sister to do it with me!  My inner nerd is just bubbling over with excitement because the prompts are AWESOME!!!  I found them on pintrest.  Feel free to join in the fun starting TOMORROW!

Day 1: Self Portrait
Day 2:  Friendly Monster
Day 3:  Evil Monster
Day 4:  A small inanimate object coming to life
Day 5:  A president as an action figure
Day 6:  A hybrid animal
Day 7:  A historical/modern icon satirized using the reason you most admire them.
Day 8:  Close Your Eyes.  Draw Batman.
Day 9:  A dinosaur (read or made up)
Day10:  Something evolving
Day 11:  Your favorite food as a gift from the gods
Day 12:  A Super Hero
Day 13:  A Super Villain
Day 14:  A man eating plant
Day 15:  A Hover Vehicle
Day 16:  A Paladin (representing an religion except Christianity)
Day 17  A devil/demon without lifting your pen
Day 18:  A tank
Day 19:  A president as a zombie 
Day 20:  A robot (any size for any purpose)
Day 21:  Your most influential mentor as a jedi master
Day 22:  A battle suit designed for doing something completely mundane
Day 23:  Your zodiac sign as a great warrior/wizard
Day 24:  A pirate
Day 25:  An idiom literalized
Day 26:  An animal that doesn't exist
Day 27:  An old person doing kung-fu
Day 28:  An alien species that looks bent on human destruction, but is actually peaceful.
Day 29:  A monument of the world coming to life and wreaking havoc on the nearest city capital.
Day 30:  A visual representation of your imagination.

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