Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Last weekend I attended a yoga retreat up in Red River Gorge.  I had an experience there that inspired me to paint this picture.  I described it in my diary:

February 23, 2012

"Last night when Susan took us through the meditation practice she asked us to focus on different sensations: hot, cold, pleasure, pain, contentment, and anger.  I was taken aback when she asked us to think on anger because I felt a sudden surge of rage rush up within me like a river stopped by a dam that has just been released.  My face contorted.   It came on so suddenly.  It felt good.  I am not someone who allows herself to feel anger often, but apparently I've kept it bottled up somewhere inside my core, and it was longing to be released.  I wanted to hold on to that feeling, but Susan told us to let it go.  With tremendous effort I pushed the feeling out and moved on to the next exercise."

This feeling was so powerful I felt compelled to paint directly afterward so I pulled out my water colors and did my best to portray that powerful emotion.  

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