Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Berean Winter

My writing friends and I agreed to write a little on winter this month, so I wrote this piece and took this photograph on my way to work this morning to go along with it.  

Berean Winter

Iron and Wine serenades
The dancing winter snowflakes
 Against my window pane.

Those unfortunate enough
To find themselves outside
Do not dance.
They plow
Headlong into the heartless wind,
Chins tucked,
And coats pulled tight.
They cannot hear the music.

The gazebos are empty.
The coffee shops are full.

Knitting needles click.
Bicycles lay idle beneath the snow.

 Winter has found Berea at last.


  1. Lovely, Heather! Although winter has had Blueberry Hill in its clutches for some time and I confess the novelty has worn off! :)

    1. Thank you Susanna! As someone who comes from Idaho, winter in Kentucky feels more like spring, but these last couple of weeks have been especially winter like.