Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Who Would You Like to Have Thanksgiving Dinner With?

In the spirit of Thanksgiving I have put together a bracket of my favorite families from books, movies and tv shows to determine which family I would most want to spend Thanksgiving with. For me the winner is...the Gilbreths from the book "Cheaper By the Dozen." Who would you most want to break bread with on Thanksgiving day?



The Weirs - Freaks and Geeks
Bluths - Arrested Development
The Starks - Game of Thrones
Hills - King of the Hill
Belchers - Bob’s Burgers
Pritchetts- Modern Family
The Sopranos - Sopranos
Crawleys - Downton Abbey


Dashwoods - Sense and Sensibility
Joads - Grapes of Wrath 
Bells - The Crossover
Cratchits - A Christmas Carol
Finches - To Kill a Mockingbird
Gilbreths - Cheaper by the Dozen
The Marches - Little Women
Boatwrights - The Secret Life of Bees


Portokalos - My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Tenenbaums - The Royal Tenenbaums
Von Trapps - Sound of Music
Sycamores - You Can’t Take it With You
Hoovers - Little Miss Sunshine
Corleones - The Godfather
Grants - Nebraska
Orefice - Life is Beautiful

Childhood Favorites

Weasleys - Harry Potter
Ingalls - Little House on the Prairie
Buckets - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Darlings - Peter Pan
Incredibles - The Incredibles
Burns - Rescue Bots
Kusakabes - My Neighbor Totoro
Robinsons - Swiss Family Robinson



  1. Mine ended up Weasleys vs. Pritchetts. Weasleys win.

    1. The Weasleys!!! That's awesome. Who won in your cinematic and literary category?

  2. If I was looking for a sweet time with a humble but classy group of people I would say the Marches, but I think purely out of intrigue I would prefer the Joads. I remember when they got to the bottom of their cupboard they ate paste, just flour and water. Is that correct? I think so, not that it would be a recipe worth keeping, but an experience worth remembering!

    1. The Joads and the Marches! I love it. I can't remember if eating paste is from Grapes of Wrath exactly, but that definitely sounds familiar. I would love to go back and read that book again. It's just so good.