Thursday, March 14, 2013

12 Obscure Words to Expand Your Vocabulary

Aquabib: a water drinker.  Someone hated by bartenders and waiters everywhere.

Battologist:  Someone who repeats the same thing needlessly. 

Draffsack: A bag of garbage, used figuratively to man ‘a big paunch or belly, a glutton’

Finnimbrun: a knickknack, a trinket

Gangrel: A child just beginning to walk

Gilly-gaupus:  An awkward or foolish person.

Jiffle:  to fidget or shuffle

Logomachy: a fight about words

Mouche:  a small patch of beard grown under the lip

Peenge: to complain in a whining voice.

Wahala: A Nigerian word for inconvenience, trouble, or fuss.

Zizany:  An obsolete word meaning ‘a harmful weed’ also used figuratively in the sense ‘a bad apple.’

My source for these delightful words is the book Totally Weird and Wonderful Words Edited by Erin McKean.  


  1. Thanks for this. I am a grammar geek!

    1. Thanks for reading! Words are just wonderful aren't they?