Thursday, March 19, 2015

Top 10 Spring Picture Books

With spring right around the corner I wanted to share my top 10 favorite picture books for spring.  It's such a wonderful, marvelous time of year.

1.  Finding Spring
    Written and illustrated by Carin Berger

     Recommended for Ages: 3-7
     Style:  Fiction, Endearing
     Why I Love this Book: As a paper cut out artist myself, I just adore        
     Berger's illustrations.  The story is delightful and it's one that I don't
     mind reading over and over again.

2.  An Egg is Quiet
     Written by Dianna Aston
      Illustrated by Sylvia Long

      Recommended for Ages: 3-10
      Style:  Nonfiction, Whimsical
      Why I Love this Book:  The illustrations are gorgeous and the words
      chosen to describe eggs are so unusual and yet so fitting.  It's also very

3.  Rose's Garden
     Written and Illustrated by Peter Reynolds

     Recommended for Ages: 3-7
     Style:  Fictional, Imaginative
     Why I Love this Book:  It is such an unusual, unique idea for a
     story and the ending is so touching.  It really drives home the
     importance of community.

   4.  Swirl by Swirl
     Written by Joyce Sidman
      Illustrated by Beth Krommes
      Recommended Ages:  3-7
      Style:  Poetry, Beautiful Imagery
      Why I Love this Book:  The movement and flow of the words
      and illustrations for this book just pull you right in.  It's
      a beautiful piece of art.

5.  The Tale of Peter Rabbit
     Written and Illustrated by Beatrix Potter
     Recommended for Ages - 3-7
     Style:  Classic, Fiction
     Why I Love this Book:  Perhaps I am nostalgic, but this book will
     always have a special place in my heart.  It is a beloved tale and my list
     wouldn't be complete without it.

6.  Lola Plants a Garden
     Written by Anna McQuinn
      Illustrated by Rosalind Beardshaw

      Recommended for Ages:  3-7
      Style:  Fiction, Sweet
      Why I Love this Book:  The style and message to this book is so
      simple and sweet and made me want to take my son outside
      immediately afterward to plant our own garden.

7.  Whose Egg?
     Illustrated by Guy Troughton

     Recommended for Ages: 3-7
     Style:  Nonfiction, Lift the flaps book
     Why I Love this Book:  My 4 year old son just adores this book!
     He wants to read it over and over and over again.  Anything that
     makes him this curious about nature certainly has my stamp of

8.  And Then it's Spring
     Written by Julie Fogliano
      Illustrated by Erin E. Stead

      Recommended for Ages:  3-7
      Style:  Fiction, Humorous, Sweet
      Why I Love this Book:  It is so very relatable!  Waiting for spring is
      so hard!

9.  Mama Built a Little Nest
     Written by Jennifer Ward
      Illustrated by Steve Jenkins

     Recommended for Ages:  3-7
     Style:  Poetry, Informational
     Why I Love this Book:  I love birds!  I come from a family of bird
     watchers so these kinds of books are of great interest to me.

     10.  The Easter Egg
       Written and Illustrated by Jan Brett

       Recommended for Ages:  3-7
       Style:  Fictional, Holiday
       Why I Love this Book:  Jan Brett was my favorite illustrator
       growing up and I love her style to this day.  I believe this book is
       one of her best.  It inspires me to be creative with my own Easter
       egg decorating.

Thanks for stopping by!  If you have any favorite picture books appropriate for spring please feel free to share!  I would love to hear from you.

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