Monday, September 1, 2014

Picks of the Week

I've moved on from the "R" section of the library to the "S's".  Here are mine and Sam's two favorites from this week.

My Pick
Book Title: Where's Walrus
Author & Illustrator:  Stephen Savage
Review:  This wordless picture relies fully on it's illustrations.  Usually I like picture books that I can actually read aloud, but this one is the exception.  The walrus is so incredibly adorable and the illustrations are so simple and unique that I can't help falling in love.  

Sam's Pick of the Week

Title: There are Cats in this Book
Author & Illustrator: Vivian Schwarz

Review:  Utterly delightful interactive book .  Inside the book are three adorable cats who tell the kids things to do like “turn the page!” or “Open the box.”  Samuel just could not get enough of this book!  The book is cleverly written in a style similar to a cat’s behavior, distracted and playful.  It’s perfect.

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