Monday, September 22, 2014

Picture Book Picks of the Week

My Pick

Author:  Drew Daywalt
Illustrator:  Oliver Jeffers
Review:  Okay.  As someone who worked her crayons to death as a kid I can especially appreciate this book.  The author who came up with this idea was a genius.  I wonder what my crayons would have said to me when I was little.  Probably they would have told me to stop leaving them out in the sun!

Sam's Pick

Author:  Audrey Wood
Illustrator:  Mark Teague
Review:  I saw this book at the library and it immediately triggered some old memories from childhood.  I'd forgotten about this book, but as I flipped through the pages it all came rushing back to me.  I loved this book.  So you can imagine my delight when Samuel chose this book as a favorite as well!  I can't imagine a kid out there who wouldn't love this book.  The illustrations are bright and wonderful.  The story is magical.  It's the kind of book that turns the gears to one's imagination.  If Sam hadn't picked this as his book of the week then I certainly would have because it is fantastic.

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