Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Things I don't post on Facebook

I value honesty, but when it comes to facebook I sometimes feel like I'm lying somehow because I mostly seem to be post the happy positive things in my life, thus deceiving people that my life is all sunshine and roses.  Well I just want everyone that I am not perfect and neither is my life.  I certainly have my ups and downs and I usually tend to document the ups and avoid the downs.  But today I'm going to allow myself to be vulnerable.  Here glimpse of the not so happy things in my life right now.  I'm not looking for pity.  I'm just trying to be honest.

I don't post pictures of...

  • My parking ticket
  • My son, Sam, throwing a fit when he can't watch Dragon Tales
  • The pee puddles my dog Ginny leaves on the kitchen floor.
  • Selfies of me shaving my mustache in the bathroom mirror. (yes I grow a few hairs on my upper lip)

I don't post statuses like:

  • I HATE football season!!! I just want to watch movies and play games with my husband, but he is having an affair with football (particularly with the OU Sooners.)  Can you blame me for getting jealous? 
  • I seem to spend half my life looking for things. I feel like I have Alzheimer's or something. Yesterday I found my camera in the kitchen food cabinet and the book I'm currently reading in my underwear drawer!  I cannot blame Sam for these misplacements.
  • I wish I wasn't so addicted to facebook. It's pathetic the way I hover over the computer waiting for people to like or comment on my stuff.
  • The other day Samuel knocked a little two year olds toys away from him just to be mean and make him cry. I just wanted to walk away and pretend he wasn't my son. 
  • Sometimes I feel unreasonable contempt for the world and everyone in it.

Whew!  Glad I got that off my chest!  This post is a bit of a downer so let me just say that most of the time I love my life and I love my family and I love this mad, crazy world we live in.  I just want everyone to know that I have my moments.  We all have them.  That's what makes us human.


  1. Yes. Ouch. So true, but ouch. So important, but ouch. Thanks for posting the real :)

  2. Gosh, I hear you, Heather! Sorry for the difficulties and the downs :( But you are right, we all have them and they're what make us human. It's interesting, though... I don't post stuff like that on FB either.

    1. Thanks for the sympathy Susanna! It's a good thing people don't post stuff like this all the time because it would be too depressing if everyone did.

  3. I'ts okay to vent every once in a while, we are human. As long as we don't stay in that mode. I wanted to walk away from my two year old who threw a loud and crazy tantrum in the grocery store the other day. On the floor and everything! So embarrassing with every one watching but hey, what can I say? He's two and it happens!
    I can so laugh now, but at the time, I wanted to hide. Take a deep breath and keep going

    1. I completely agree. No one wants to listen to someone who rants all the time.
      Tantrums in public are the worst! I'm glad your able to shrug it off and laugh about it later. Fortunately for me Samuel's tantrums tend to be short, but he seems to be growing more rebellious every day so if that day ever comes I hope I am prepared to have a good sense of humor about it like you do.