Monday, October 20, 2014

Picture Book Picks of the Week

My Pick

Title:  Wag!
Author and Illustrator:  Patrick McDonnell
Review:You have all read the comic strip "Mutts" in the Sunday paper right?  Well the creator of those comics also wrote this incredibly adorable book. If you are a dog lover than this book is definitely a must read.

                       Sam's Pick

Title:  How do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food?
Author:  Jane Yolen
Illustrator:  Mark Teague
Review:  This is the second book illustrated by Mark Teague to make it into our batch of favorites. The guy really is a master at what he does.  Anyway Samuel completely adores this book as well as all of the "How do Dinosaurs..." books.  I think I am seeing a trend here with his favorites.  Most of them tend to involve dinosaurs!  

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